My Sony Walkman NWZ-E343 Will Not Charge

Print this articleAccording to Sony, the Walkman NWZ-E343 will usually charge to about 80 percent in 45 minutes and fully charge in approximately two hours. Once charged, the player can enjoy continuous music playback for up to 30 hours before needing a recharge. However, when charging the internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery becomes difficult, Sony provides a variety of ways to inspect and troubleshoot the devices used to charge the MP3 player.

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If your Sony Walkman isn't working with the computer, check the connection to the computer. If the cables aren't tightly connected, charging will become a problem. In addition, if the cable is faulty, you're computer won't recognize it. However, before changing cables, restarting the computer will reset USB ports just in case they are the cause of the connection problem. After restarting the computer, use a different cable if you're still experiencing technical difficulty. If you're using a USB hub to connect your player, connecting it directly to the computer is a better option because some USB hubs aren't powerful enough to power the player.


If you're using a laptop, connecting it an electrical outlet will improve the charging process. In addition, disable sleep, hibernation or standby mode or the player won't charge. In some cases, USB devices connected to the computer might cause power problems, so disconnecting all the other devices except for the player, mouse and keyboard can improve the connection. If you haven't used the player in a long time, the computer might not recognize it for at least five minutes. Leave it connected for a longer period to see if it will charge. Move to the next section if the problem persists.

Battery Problems

According to Sony, each Sony Walkman NWZ-E343 battery comes with a maximum charging cycle that varies with usage and maintenance. However, Sony estimates this number to be 500. When the battery runs out of charging cycles, it will no longer work and will need to be replaced. In addition, operating the battery outside of Sony's recommended ambient temperature may damage it. In fact, Sony recommends charging the battery between 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything outside of this range may cause the battery indicator on the device to blink.

Tips and Recommendations

Referring to your Sony Walkman NWZ-E343's manual for usage, maintenance and storage tips can improve your battery's lifespan. If the player still won't charge, contact Sony support. This MP3 player uses an internal battery, so replacing it yourself may damage the device even further unless you have expert knowledge. In addition, disassembling the MP3 player will nullify and violate a limited or extended warranty, which means that all repair fees will be out-of-pocket.

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